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Funded through a grant by the Mississippi Department of Health, Southern Health Commission (SHC) developed a Focus Group (FG) to examine the social and cultural context of HIV transmission and prevention within the various rational, geographic communities in Washington County , Mississippi. In doing so, several groups were polled on various questions regarding basic health care, or lack of, in their communities.

Those in the Focus Group explained that they want to let our legislators hear their personal stories and meet HIV-positive persons, so that their needs for enhanced care and services in Washington County, Mississippi becomes more visible and real.

Southern Health Commission, Inc.


to reduce Health Disparities
(HIV/AIDS, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease
Stroke & Hypertension)

Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) is a group-level behavioral intervention that at-
tempts to reduce HIV and STD risk behaviors and increase health promotion behaviors
of black, gay men. Through a series of facilitator-led discussions, exercises and pres-
entations, participants:
        Learn about factors that may influence their behavior and put them at risk.
        Learn about how to prevent and reduce their risk to STDs/HIV
        Discuss intentions to change risk behaviors
        Practice behavioral skills to help prevention and reduce their risk.

We are interested in participants for this intervention. If you are between 17 & 35
years of age, live in the Delta area of Mississippi and interested in attending the group sessions please contact the following: 



220 S. Broadway Street
Greenville, MS

Contact Name:
Easter A. Courtney
Contact Information:
(662) 334-3349