Welcome to The Southern Health Commission
Aids Awareness Headquarters
(662) 334-3349

The Southern Health Commission (SHC) is a nonprofit organization, founded in Greenville, Mississippi by the late Alonzo P. Dukes, former President/CEO in 1992.  It is governed by a five member Board of Directors and an excellent staff

Our mission is to provide participants/clients with prevention and health disparities information. We also function as a resource center for HIV/AIDS and other health disparities as well as provide direct services in terms of moral and financial support.

"Obesity, Heart Disease & Stroke, HIV/AIDS and Hypertension is threatening the survival of young African Americans," according to Mr. Dukes.

SHC has five core objectives:

1.  To educate the Southeastern Region about AIDS.
2.  To provide materials and training to the community regarding obesity, heart disease, stroke and HIV/AIDS.
3.  To conduct structured health disparities workshops in the community.
4.  To assist the community with strategies to change or modify community norms/behaviors as they relate to health disparities.
5. Emergency assistance and referrals for housing, utilities, medicine, transportation, and other services as well as a Food Pantry and Clothes Closet